Thursday, July 15, 2010

Update from last blog entry.

In my last blog entry I mentioned one small goal, and girl's camp. So today since I am off from work and have time to reflect, I thought I would update: Girl's camp was great!! As far as my goal for walking everyday and increasing the time. I didn't make it as far as I wanted, nor everyday as I planned. But I did go and now I have little cheerleaders to accompany me. My daughter Michelle and my son Michael now come with me to the gym. They are great to help get me there because they love going. So on the mornings that I think..... eh no gym today, they are there saying come on Mom, let's go!

Camp was all uphill and downhill and up and down down down, then up.... I was not prepared for the walking like I thought I would be. Going to roll call was down hill, then back uphill to our camp for breakfast, then downhill for activities, then uphill to the bathrooms. Then uphill more to our camp, and downhill to bathrooms. And so on and I think you get the picture. One thing I did notice was that by the end of the four days, I wasn't heaving and gasping for air as much as I was on day 1 and day 2!!!! I survived camp, but came home with the determination to keep going. So now once a week my cheerleaders and I head up the canyon for hikes. It has been great. Our goal is to get to the top of 3' Oclock mountain by the end of this summer. When I get a working camera, I will post some pictures of our hikes and our goal mountain. By the time I get a camera I may even have pictures from the top to post!!! :)

So, my little small goal of walking is still on. I plan to keep walking everyday. Increasing our time. I like the sound of that........ our! Now we are saving up money to invest in raquetball raquets, which is helping my son with his scout project, which will help me in my weightloss, which will help us stay close together and build great relationships ..... isn't life great!

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